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The Barrett Group’s C-Suite Premier Program is specifically designed for Senior Executives - to help you land the job you want, at the compensation and in the location you want.

The Barrett Group’s (TBG) methodology, based on 30 years of experience, has proven to be extremely effective…

…even in a time of crisis!

*TBG achieved a 90% success rate in helping clients land their new job within 12 months, with an average time of 6 months

  • 35991584_l_sm

    Regional Sales ManagerErik W.

    Furloughed during the Covid-19 downturn, Erik W. couldn’t wait for an economic bounce and needed help making himself more marketable in a tough job market.

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  • chris burger

    Head Of Revenue Technology & OperationsChris Burger

    When new leadership proved to be a poor fit, Chris B. decided to pursue alternative opportunities. But after 20 years in the same job, he didn’t know where to start.

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  • Close up portrait of a professional business woman smiling outdoor

    Senior ManagerErin D.

    After several successful years working at her company, Erin D. felt that she had outgrown it and wanted help transitioning to a more senior role.

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  • 14010905 - mature indian businessman smiling, isolated white background

    Director Of Intellectual PropertyVinod R.

    After a new job in a new field went badly, Vinod R. sought a better fit. However, job prospects were limited.

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How Senior Executive Clients Find Jobs

The Unpublished Job Market

  • 60-80% of all jobs are rarely advertised
  • Jobs are often filled internally without being posted
  • Informed job seekers network their way to the hiring manager
  • Some jobs will be filled by job seekers who present themselves to their potential boss before HR is even aware of the need

Take Advantage

  • Less competition - easier to stand out
  • Less interaction with applicant screeners
  • TBG provides tools that align with job market demands
  • By leveraging TBG’s methodologies, you beat the competition

Senior Executive Service For Your Next Career Step

Our 5-step proprietary methodology comprises:

  1. Clarity Program©
  2. Personal Branding and Campaign Development
  3. Market Access to Hiring Executives
  4. Preparation for Interviews and Offer Negotiation
  5. Onboarding

All 5 steps are executed by a team of 7 specialists led by a career consultant dedicated to you.

  • Step 1 – Clarity Program©


    You know you want a change, but you are still unsure in which direction it should go.


    The Clarity Program© is designed to improve your own self-knowledge, to help you be more effective, to avoid career obstacles, as well as to validate what is important to you not only professionally, but also in your whole life.


    Your strategic plan both for work and for your life, and a better understanding of your behavioral profile.

    More than 90% of our clients rate the Clarity Program© as “excellent.” It is also available as a stand-alone service.

  • Step 2 – Personal Branding And Campaign Development


    Junior HR people or algorithms assess most resumes. They are unable to properly evaluate your skills, so your resume loses value.


    Define and align your value proposition. Quantify your value to the specific audience / employer. Eliminate the generic and broad-based resume by ensuring the reader views you as a perfect fit.


    Understand how to tailor your value proposition to each opportunity via resumes and cover letters; upgrade your LinkedIn profile. Use clear milestones for each stage of expanding your social capital and enhancing your brand’s influence.

  • Step 3 – Market Access To Hiring Executives


    Three quarters of new executive searches are executed via the unpublished market but approaching the hiring executives with cold calling is simply not effective.


    Identifying industries and companies in the locations you desire. Executing The Barrett Group’s social capital strategy and leveraging referrals – backed by our proven social capital methodologies, research tools and experts.


    The contact information for key decision makers plus scripts and strategies to secure interviews and offers.

  • Step 4 – Interview Preparation And Offer Negotiation


    How can you be well prepared to expertly respond to tough interview questions? And how should you negotiate the offer in a positive and respectful way while not leaving money on the table?


    Identifying critical gaps and potential pitfalls, such as whether your experience is truly transferable. Anticipating tough interview questions and developing fluid, authentic responses. Through role play, we equip clients with practical interview experience that ensures they will perform at peak performance levels during live interviews.


    We help you create a pipeline of interviews, improve your interview performance, obtain more and better offers, and then improve them through negotiation.

  • Step 5 – Onboarding


    How do you get off to a good start in new, unknown territory? How can you identify the needs of key stakeholders? How will you prioritize all of them? How could interdepartmental politics affect your performance?


    We find the first 100 days are critical for future success and we want all of our clients to get off to a good start. This is where we can help with onboarding, ensuring a happy landing, including planning ahead and how to manage and prioritize stakeholders.


    The deliverable is your onboarding plan, an evaluation of the organizational landscape that includes an analysis of functional interdependencies and coaching to get it right.

Career Management Team

Throughout the process, you will be supported by 7 specialists, led by an executive career consultant dedicated to you.

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The C-Suite Premier Program Offers Several Unique Advantages

Two powerful tools to expand your network and set up networking and information interview appointments:

  1. Your very own virtual personal executive assistant (vPEA) will make career-search-related telephone calls for you, set appointments using your calendly.com account, review and forward responses you may receive on LinkedIn, and even post content on your profile (if you desire it).
  2. Your vPEA will utilize an enhanced contact search and connection tool to continuously expand your professional network per your career change program strategy by identifying and connecting with targeted executives on relevant industry developments.

Your C-Suite Premier Program includes six months of continuous vPEA support (extendable if required).

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